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Busch 1690 - Cyber Clean Cleaning Compound


Cyber Clean 

The High-Tech cleaning compound


Product information "Cyber ​​Clean® model construction cleaner"
Dirt-absorbing high-tech cleaning compound!
Ideal for cleaning models, collectibles, etc.!
Removes dirt and dust and eliminates 99.999% of germs! *
Cleans gaps, joints, slots and uneven surfaces!
Removes grease and abrasion from rails, for example, and thereby improves electrical conductivity!
Leaves no residue!
Patented cleaning formula!

Model construction cleaner - super easy to use: press or roll on the surface and the dirt is gone! Dab carefully on filigree parts!

Try it out:
Simply press or roll the mass onto the surfaces to be cleaned (do not wipe!). Dust and dirt are absorbed and trapped by the earth. A membrane function in the Cyber ​​Clean® prevents the trapped residues from escaping again. At the same time germs are eliminated (disinfecting effect).

The perfect cleaning of models:
Cyber ​​Clean® adapts to the surface of models and "sucks" dust and dirt out of all cracks and depressions. In contrast to cleaning with a brush or cloth, the dirt is not smeared but is bound by the cleaning compound. This makes it ideal for uneven surfaces such as house roofs, rough street surfaces, etc.

Suitable for all surfaces:
Cyber ​​Clean® leaves no residue, so it is suitable for cleaning all surfaces, including wood or cardboard (materials that are often used in laser-cut kits). Cyber ​​Clean® contains alcohol, which removes grease and abrasion, for example from rails or road elements of car racing tracks, and thereby improves electrical conductivity. Cyber ​​Clean® is also suitable for cleaning keyboards (computers, mobile phones, etc.), electrical devices (CD players, etc.), ventilation grids (e.g. in cars), leaves from plants and toys.

Made in China