Busch 1306 - Ground Cover - Early Summer (2 colour)

Busch 1306 - Ground Cover - Early Summer (2 colour)



Early Summer grasses of different heights 

This “ground cover” material was developed for a natural looking “planting on the ground”

Grass fibers form a coherent fleece that clings to all unevenness of the floor without creasing or wrinkling. The Groundcover material in A4 format (297 x 210 mm) can be used as a whole mat or in sections. Even with small sections, astonishing design effects are achieved, for example on the edge of paths and fields or along walls, etc.

The uneven structure of the material allows the ground cover material to be glued over the already finished floor. The result is a super natural, unprecedented overall impression of a realistic model landscape.

Does not include scenery or figures

Colours may vary

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