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Busch 1311 - Ground Cover - GRAIN FIELD WITH CROP CIRCLES


Cornfield with crop circles.  Self-adhesive.

Also fits with Busch # 1310 - Corn Field

This ground cover  material was developed for a natural looking »soil planting«.

The material in A4 format (297 x 210 mm) can be used as a whole mat or in sections.

Crop Circles - Is it real? 

The emergence of the geometric patterns in grain fields around the world has been puzzling.

Many media outlets have stated that it is man made but laboratory analyzes support the crop circle researchers' hypothesis that numerous circles cannot be.

They found significant changes in the plant samples that have never before been found in man-made circles.

Many theories exist. See what happens when you use it in your train layout!

Does not include scenery or figures

Colours may vary