Busch 5965 - RADIO MAST - HO and N scale

Busch 5965 - RADIO MAST -  HO and N scale



Radio Mast

An actual copy of a tower with various antennas topped by an aircraft warning system which consists of three LEDs which blink in sequence near the top of the tower. 

While the model for this tower stands in Germany, it is typical for such towers all over the modern world.

The model has been made 370 mm high so that it can serve both HO and N scale models.

Ready to use for connection to transformer 14 - 16 V (AC or DC)

The flashing light effect is produced by light emitting diodes. These diodes operate on a maximum voltage of 2,3 volts only. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to use the flashing warning lights only withe the appropriate circuit assembly.



Ho and N Scale

Does not include scenery or figures

Colours may vary

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